5 Things You Should Know About Getting Paid Through Jobble


We get it – there’s a chance that you’ve never heard of Jobble before, so let’s introduce you. Jobble is a platform that connects people like you who are in search of flexible work, with businesses offering flexible hire. Because you’re paid directly through our application, standard banking and personal information are required. But we want to ensure you that keeping your personal information secure is our top concern.
Before you get started, here are five things you should keep in mind:

1. Benefits of Using Our App

If you’re the type of person who enjoys flexibility, especially in the workplace, Jobble might just be your employment solution. Unleash the freedom to create a schedule that fits around your availability. Work when you can and don’t stress when you can’t. Pick and choose jobs that are flexible.
Not only are you able to control your schedule, but our platform may connect you with noted professionals in an industry that you might not normally venture into. Our app can be whatever you make it. If you want to pick jobs within your fields of interest or expand your resume by working different events, the options are yours to decide.
Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed either. After completion of each and every Jobble, you’re rated and reviewed by your hiring manager. The more reviews and star ratings that you have, the more jobs you’ll land.

2. How Direct Deposit Works

Payments are processed in the Jobble app and directly deposited into your bank account within 2-7 business days. In order to apply, work and get paid we will need to collect your Social Security Number to verify your tax eligibility and validate your work authorization.

3. Payment Methods

Debit Card 

We allow non-prepaid U.S. Visa or Mastercard debit cards as well as bank accounts for receiving payments from Jobble. Currently, only one debit card or bank account can be linked at a time. This is in place to help prevent fraudulent transactions and protect the financial security of our users. Although both options are perfectly acceptable to receive payment for the work you have done, there are more potential issues related to bank accounts than with debit cards.

Bank Account

To get paid using your bank account you need to enter your bank details (routing and bank account numbers) in order to receive payments. For security purposes, we use Stripe processing, which is the top mobile payment processing platform. This is the most stringent level of security certification available.

4. We’re Real People

But we want you to know that we aren’t a bunch of robots at desks. Actually, we’re the complete opposite, we’re quite the crew, consisting of musicians, recent college graduates, EMTs, Patriots fans and rec softball players. Together in a shared office space at a WeWork in Boston’s Leather District, we sit next to each other every day, finding ways to innovate Jobble.
In fact, if you were to peek into our office in the early hours you’ll see that our team is borderline obsessed with bagels. You’ll quickly learn that Closer, by the Chainsmokers, is kind of our thing and that we love a good cup of tea. But more importantly, you’ll notice that our team is absolutely dedicated to making the job hiring process easier.

5. Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Still a little skeptical? Don’t just take our word for it. See what other publications have to say about it!

Now that you have a better sense of who we are and our security standards behind our platform, we encourage you to begin your Jobbler journey!

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  1. Kathy


  2. Kayla Jepson

    I do not have a bank account, so now what

    • No worries Kayla! You can purchase a pre-paid debit card and get paid directly through that as well.

  3. Amanda Due

    If i use a pre paid account how do i register .where is the routing number

    • Hello Amanda!
      I would suggest that you call the prepaid card issuer and they will have the information for you.
      The Jobble Team

  4. colby

    I have worked for jobble and done and very well job … I see the money but it not there in my account. ..what is the problem?

    • Good Morning Colby,
      Thanks for working so hard! You should receive a direct deposit to your Jobble account 7 business days after you have completed a job. I hope that this helps.

  5. Jenny

    Hello! How does it work with taxes? Are you paid with nothing at all taken out? Are you sent a 1099 at the end of the year? I’d like to know so I can plan ahead/decide if this is something I want to pursue. Thanks!

    • Hey Jenny all of our Jobblers are classified as Independent Contractors! If you make over $600 a year on the Jobble App we are required to send you a 1099 form for you to report the earnings on your tax return. I hope this helps!

  6. Marika

    What if u dont have a bank account

    • Not a problem, you can use a pre-paid debit card and get paid to that card!

  7. Aneesha battiste

    It has been passed seven business days and I still haven’t received my money yet. Who do I get in contact with?

    • Good Evening Aneesha,
      We tried giving you a call, but we were unable to connect. Please feel free to contact our Community Growth Manager Andrew during our normal business hours 9am-5pm (ET) at (617)848-0441. Thanks!

  8. PJ

    I want to use by LLC to be paid so I can get better tax benefits. Is this possible? THX

  9. Catelin J Elzea-Johnson

    What if we show up to a job but the company never does can we get drive time to pay for the gas? It’s required of us to not be a no show it would be nice if companies did the same.

  10. I see the payment has been processed on my platform, but not iN my checking account yrt, how long does this process usually take?

    • Good Morning Nalani,
      Once your payment has been processed on the platform it takes 4-7 business days to appear in your checking account.Thanks!

  11. I’m totally confused, I was just told 48 hours from the time it hits the platform,
    For my 1st job using jobble I did experience some issues with the platform, failing, and the office contact on the weekends is not an option, nor reaching someone on Fridays.
    Payment process is not a reliable as far as meeting my financial obligations, because I was trying to use a time line that changed 3 times and I’m still waiting 11- 13 days after the completion of the three days I worked.to get paid and from the looks of your response, it will be 4-5 more days….

    • Hey Nalani, sorry for the confusion, I misunderstood your question. I brought your payment issue up to our growth team, you will be contacted shortly.

  12. Tiffany S Jones

    I am so confused .. Why is it taking so long to pay us?? We worked and no payment for a week ??

  13. Joe Lopez

    i just recieved payment on jobble a week after the job was done, and still have nothing in my bank account, how do i transfer the money manually?

    • Hi Joe,
      It appears that the account information you provided was incorrect and the bank returned the transfer. Please re-enter your account and routing information correctly and your payment will automatically reprocess. Thanks!
      The Jobble Team

  14. Aaliyah Epps

    I haven’t been paid yet!!!

    • Hey Aaliyah,
      Please contact Matt, our Community Growth Manager, regarding your payment so we can get that processed for you!
      The Jobble Team

  15. Aaliyah Epps

    How do I get in contact with him?

    • You can reach him at matt@jobble.com, or call him directly during office hours (9am-5pm EST) at (617) 848-3908.

  16. mari bond

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that if you don’t have a bank account and you purchase a prepaid card to get your money on most of them are pretty legit unfortunately I had to get the one that wasn’t it is a Visa debit card And it’s a chieve card it’s called And every debit purchase you make which because it’s a debit not credit you get charged 20% of your purchase And there’s also a Over A $9 charge Each month So when I checked my balance for this job oh Direct deposit I was already almost $9 in the hole So please purchase either American Express 1 Or something else but not the achieve card thanks

    • Thanks for the feedback!

  17. Darrin

    Yes I was wondering earlier today I put in the wrong bank information to get direct posit and after work today after working the event I came home and fixed it I’m just curious and would like to know if I’ll be getting direct posit into the correct bank account Or the one I had previously put in wrong just want to make sure I get paid correctly basically thank U

  18. Andrea

    I don’t knw how to pull my money from my email help n it looks like they paid me only 2 days ? I wrkd 4 days 2 DOUBLES??? Andrea

    • Good Morning Andrea,
      I will send a ticket over to our Community Growth team, someone will be contacting you shortly.
      The Jobble Team

  19. Candra

    Is the pay out time frame faster if you select the debit card option as your payment method instead of your bank account or is it the same time frame for both options? Thanks!

    • Julia Ryder

      Great question Candra!
      Both options are perfectly acceptable to receive payment, but there can be more potential issues related to bank accounts than with debit cards. Such as, a user entering the wrong bank account details. In instances like these, we’re unable to confirm that the bank account information is incorrect until deposit is attempted. When entering your debit card information you’re instantly prompted if the information is entered incorrectly. With that being said, receiving payment with a debit card tends to be faster.
      I hope this helps!

  20. Betty

    I am free on weekends and am looking for weekend work. How can I get started?

    • Hey Betty,
      Happy to get you started! Click here to download the app.
      Here are some quick tips to help when you download Jobble:
      Create an Account: Register with a valid email address and set a password of at least 8 characters. Make sure to click the verification link sent to your email address to validate your account! (tip: you may have to check your spam folder for the verification email).
      Complete your Profile: Build your profile to showcase yourself, work experience, skills, and submit all required tax information. (tip: aim for 100%).
      Set up Direct Deposit: Under the account section of your profile, carefully enter your Bank account and routing number where you’d like to receive Direct Deposit. Don’t worry, all personal information is encrypted and stored securely.
      Once you’ve finished setting up your account please head over to the Jobble board to apply to flexible work!

  21. Ahja Williams

    I worked a job in December. i forgot to add my debit card and never got paid for the event. it just came across my memory because i just applied to work the same event.

    • Hey Ahja,
      Thanks for reaching out, I took a look at your account and it looks like the hiring manager marked you as a no-show for that event. Therefore, payment was not submitted to your account for this race.
      Let me know if there​ is anything else I can help you with.

      All the best,

  22. Mary Nordman

    Every debit card or bank account I try to link to my jobble won’t process my paychecks, am I doing something wrong or??

    • Hey Mary,
      Here’s verything you need to know about setting up or updating your payment information on Jobble. If you’re still experiencing this problem after following these steps, please reach out to support@jobble.com.
      All the best!
      The Jobble Team

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