Jobble x Brand Ambassador Con 2019


In midtown’s Garment District of NY, brand ambassadors, influencers, local vendors, and promotional agencies all gathered last Thursday for the first annual Brand Ambassador Con. If you’re wondering what a brand ambassador is, I’ll break it down for you. Taking on a brand ambassador role means you were hired to represent a brand in a positive light, and raise brand awareness. The number one objective is to create a fun and memorable experience for consumers.

The organized networking event brought bright minds and professionals to give talks that were idea-focused on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning and inspiration. Whether you were a seasoned brand ambassador or new to the grind, Brand Ambassador Con gave you the opportunity to connect with major players and opportunities alike.

Workshops and Skill Building

Are you just breaking into the industry? Or wondering how to get started? Let us help – find brand ambassador jobs now. 

Every attendee had the opportunity to participate in the workshops. In intimate breakout rooms, attendees received one-on-one classes on how to step up their skills and navigate through the industry. Such as, resume help, getting booked, auto shows, and the importance of networking.

The organizers didn’t let the energy die after the workshops either. To maintain next-level learning, there was a giveaway. Attendees were able to answer questions that were mentioned in the breakout sessions in exchange for a super fun goodie bag. Talk about great follow-up!

The Panel

Talea Jackson, the founder, and organizer of Brand Ambassador Con, played a key role in the entire success of the event and its partnership with Jobble. Among the many workshops that were hosted, attendees listened to advice from a panel of experts who had extensive knowledge in the experiential marketing industry – including conversations with Forbes 30 Under 30, Sandra Lowery, who has over 10 years of experience in developing brand marketing strategies, Rafael Deleon, a Field Marketing Manager of KIND healthy snacks, Lynne Carole, CEO of the Lynne Experience, Raval Davis, the current national commercial face of Zicam and Samsung Ambassador, and myself, a marketing leader in the on-demand staffing world.

Closing Panel: Julia Ryder, Rafael Deleon, Lynne Carole, Raval Davis, and Chazeen Pemberton

Chazeen Pemberton, Producer and Editor at Music Choice, hosted the closing panel. While even great panels can fall victim to vague questions, Chazeen sparked interesting conversations and allowed the experts to discuss our subjects— and ultimately provide an opportunity for attendees to learn more.

Chazeen Pemberton, Producer and Editor at Music Choice

Here are a few of my favorite questions that I answered:

What are the most successful qualities of the individuals who are most successful in this role?

“To me, a successful ambassador is simply someone who is customer-centric, very engaging to the attendee/customer. More importantly, a successful ambassador is a good communicator, reliable, efficient in each task, and not shy to vocalize concerns to the correct manager/producer. There is no better source of feedback than the BA’s who are carrying out whatever activation/task.”

How else can a brand ambassador position themselves to book as many gigs possible?

“As a brand ambassador, your appearance and demeanor are exponentially important to creating a great memorable experience. But there is nothing better than a proactive BA.

A brand ambassador who is constantly looking to assist with past, ongoing and future activations is a clear sign that you’ve come across an all-star. More importantly, the BA will demonstrate a track record of being on time and is a great communicator.”

What are additional opportunities that can come from being a BA?

“Many All-star BA’s will land full-time job offers with the brands or companies that they are representing. I’ve heard BA’s that started in the industry because of a job loss or being underemployed, who ended up making great connections through activations and ended up running the brands full activation schedules as full-time team-leads or brand managers!”

Key Takeaways

Before you begin the hunt for the coolest promotional marketing positions around, there are a few things to keep in mind from the experts.

Create captivating social profiles. Use keywords in your profile to be searchable. Make sure your social media profile represents who you are professionally as well as personally. Purge the photos that would hold you back from landing a stellar BA job. Your social media profiles should be cohesive and visually appealing. Include photos that relate to the types of jobs you are trying to land. Last but not least, you need a lot of quality connections. Companies are looking for signs of influence!

SP Drummond, Photographer and Founder of Authentic Imagery

Always be professional. Companies love when they can depend on you to show up on time and ready to go. Make sure you dress appropriately and follow the company’s dress code expectations. Tell the truth and be upfront about where things stand, whether it’s good or bad. Treat all of the people you work with respect and be positive. No one enjoys a pessimist. Also, having a happy go lucky attitude while on the job always makes a difference.

Network, Network, Network. Showcasing your professional expertise and passions are always important when building your web. Seek out ways to overperform for the company you are representing so you can build a strong relationship and increase your chances of rehire.

Are you just breaking into the industry? Or wondering how to get started? Let us help – find brand ambassador jobs now.

My favorite part of the event was chatting with the attendees and learning more about their story. From Jobblers to brand ambassadors to vendors to agencies, everyone had something different to say about their experiences in the industry. Thankful for the many connections Jobble made by partnering with Brand Ambassador Con –  we are ready for 2020!

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