Wrapping Up Your Year of Gig Work


With the holidays fast approaching and the new year in sight, it’s time to wrap up your past year of gig work. That will help you close the books on 2020 and get into a good place to start fresh in 2021. There’s nothing like rolling into a new year of fresh possibilities, knowing you wrapped up loose ends and are ready for what the new year will bring. It’s tempting to just take the rest of the year off and enjoy the festivities but before you do that, spend a little bit of time getting ready for January. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s what to focus on between now and December 31st.

Compile Your Hours Worked and Money Earned

You might have tracked your earnings and hours over the course of the year. If you did, this step might be really easy. If you haven’t been tracking, take some time to review your work history for 2020. Don’t worry if there were times that you weren’t working. Just make a note of it so you have all the information you need if you review your records in the future. You’ll also want to have information on hours worked and money made for your taxes. It’s much better to get that ready now, instead of scrambling to address it at tax time. Then when it’s time to file you’ll have everything you need.

Review and Update Your Personal and Contact Information

You want to be ready for the new year when it comes to platforms or companies you work with. If you moved, changed your name or email, changed your phone number, got married or divorced, or made any other big life changes, make sure everything’s updated. You’ll have to file taxes in 2021, and that’s easier when you have the same information on file with every place you work. You also want to make sure email communication and other information is coming to you correctly, which is easier when your contacts have accurate information.

Set Your Goals for Next Year

It’s time to really think about what you want for 2021 and beyond. Make a plan, and see if old companies are still hiring. Figure out the kinds of things you’ll need to do in order to Work to Live, not live to work. Be honest, but don’t be afraid to push yourself. You want to land your dream job. There’s no reason you can’t do that, but it’s going to take work and effort. Don’t wait for it to fall into your lap when you could go out there and get it in the new year. Believing in yourself and setting goals that are realistic and achievable is important for gig work.

This was definitely a tough year, and you deserve a break. The best way to get one is to make it as easy as possible for all the good breaks to find you. Finish the year strong, and make sure you wrap up any loose ends in your gig work so you’re ready for anything 2021 brings your way. Then you can start the new year off on the right foot.

With proper planning, working to live is much easier. As an independent worker, you’re in the unique position to control the jobs you take and the income you receive to a certain extent. Gig work can help you do that, and when you plan properly you can achieve your financial and career goals on your own terms.

About the Author: Michelle Dakota Beck has worked as a professional freelance writer since the 1990s. During that time she has written everything from product descriptions to full-length books. Her areas of specialization include real estate, home services, legal topics, relationships, family life, and mental health issues. You can find her on WriterAccess.

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