What to Consider When Looking for a Hotel to Stay In


When you’re looking for a hotel, there’s a lot to think about. Knowing what to consider can help you choose the best hotel for your travel experience. Whether you’re traveling for leisure, business or something in between, you can make that experience a good one if you find the right hotel for you. These suggestions can help!


Know where you’re going to be spending the most time at your destination. If you’re traveling for leisure, choose a hotel that’s close to the location where you’ll be spending the most time. Maybe you’re visiting a coastal city and would like easy access to the beach – or perhaps you’re going to be spending time with family, and want to be close to their home. Whatever the case, when you’re looking for a hotel, choose a hotel that’s convenient for you. A cheaper hotel that is much further away might not be cost effective when you consider the extra gas and travel time.

Reputation and Reviews

Read the reviews of each hotel you’re considering. While it’s important to take negative reviews with a grain of salt, you should also look for patterns in reviewer experiences. If multiple irate reviewers complain about the noise from traffic, then this could be an important factor to consider when trying to decide whether that hotel is right for you.


Know your budget. Remember that hotels add fees and taxes to their bills, so the price that you’ve been quoted per night may not be the only cost to your stay at the hotel. Other fees to consider include:

  • Parking fees
  • Resort fees
  • Cleaning fees

If you’re on a tight budget, contact the hotel you’re considering in advance before making your reservation. Find out what the fees will be for your hotel stay, and if the fees will be too high, shop around. Sometimes making the reservation directly with the hotel can be more costly than making the reservation through a third-party travel vendor. If you’ve found a hotel you like, but you don’t like the price, look for a better price on Jobble Travel.

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About the Author: Kathryn Elwell grew up in the Midwest. She has experience in management and human resources, and has been writing on these topics and more for 12 years.

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