The ultimate event planning cheat sheet [infographic]


Event planners are responsible for creating and executing every aspect of an event – a daunting task. With the advent of some great tools and emergence of great resources the event planning process is becoming a bit easier.
This infographic via Mashable/CrowdCompass is an awesome overview of event planning process loaded with useful stats to help you understand the planning world better. Here are some of my favorites:

  • 42% of event planners work 15-20 hours per day (wow!)
  • 15% of event budgets go to marketing
  • On average only 35% of RVSPs will attend
  • 1.78 staff to guest is the ideal ratio
  • 46% of corporate event planners are yet to use mobile apps
  • Tweets with event hashtags are 150% more likely to be engaged with.

Great stats! Take a look at the full infographic below and leave me comment with your thoughts.

ultimate event planning cheat sheet


  1. Loretta Lowe, CMP

    We prefer the term “Event Managers” Matthew…. your RSVP statistic have a lot of variables. Free event vs. paid event. I did a study of medical professionals who RSVP’d for free dinner meetings – the stats varied significantly by geographic region. Nice idea for an app. Would be great to see how it “vets” potential event staff.

    • Matthew Elijah O

      Hi Loretta – thanks for the comment and duly noted! You’re right that these stats are not specific to industry or region, it would be interesting to see how they vary across those. If you are interested in how seeing how Jobble works, we would be happy to give you a demo! Cheers

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