The Gig Economy Isn’t Just Ridesharing: Here Are Other Types of Gigs You Should Consider


There’s a lot more to the gig economy than just ridesharing, but there are still plenty of people who don’t recognize how many other options they might have. They could be reluctant to get into the gig economy. Many people don’t understand all the types of gigs they might have available to them. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find options that work for your needs. If you’ve been holding back from joining the gig economy because you don’t want to be a rideshare driver, you’re in luck. Here other some other types of gigs you can get involved with.

Types of Gigs That Don’t Involve Driving

Warehouse Gigs

Working in a warehouse is an excellent way to get exercise, and could help you keep in shape. It’s also something you can often do as gig work. Especially around the holidays, and other busy times of year, there are different types of gigs to consider in warehouses. Many of them need extra staff, and they want to hire people who are strong and can handle physical work.

By focusing on the warehouses in your local area, and by checking with staffing companies, you have a couple of ways to find gig work in warehouses. Loading and unloading trucks, moving boxes inside the warehouse, preparing packages, for shipping, and similar types of work are all frequently done by gig workers, and could also lead to full-time employment, too.

Event Staffing and Brand Ambassador Gigs

If you want to work with people, or you’re interested in specific brands and would like to tell the world about them, event staffing and brand ambassadorship are other types of gigs you may want to think about. These can give you ways to interact with and help people, and do the kinds of things you enjoy, all while getting paid.

Event staffing is a part-time gig, on an as-needed basis. Working as a brand ambassador, though, could be something you can do on a more full-time schedule, especially if you have a lot of followers or are working as an influencer. The more you get people to buy from the brand you’re working with, the more money you can make from that particular type of gig.

Freelance Work

Freelancers are the ultimate gig workers, in most cases. They can be writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and much more. Some people freelance as makeup artists or hairstylists, and there are plenty of other types of gigs for freelancers, too. No matter what kind of skillset you have, there may be opportunities for you to work as a freelancer and be your own boss.

When you freelance for multiple companies, making money can come more easily, too. That way you aren’t tied to only one particular place, like you would be if you were an employee, and you’ll be able to pick and choose what gigs you’d like to take, if you’re in demand. For people who freelance, the sky really is the limit. When you want to check out all the types of gigs you could get involved with, it’s worthwhile considering the skills you have and what you like to do. That way, you can choose gigs you enjoy.

Looking for More Types of Gigs?

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