The 4 Most Impactful New Years Resolutions for Job Seekers


It’s almost time to make those New Years resolutions, and if you’re a job seeker that’s probably your main focus as this year comes to a close. To start the new year off right, why not focus on the four things that can have a big impact on your hire-ability throughout the year? Here’s what to consider.

1. Review Your Experience and Resume

Take some time to reflect on past jobs, and review the skills you’ve learned during the last year. There are likely to be some important traits you’ve worked hard to develop or new things you’ve learned how to do. Don’t underestimate how much knowledge and ability you have, and what you could add to your resume so you’re ready for the new year. Even if a new skill doesn’t seem that important to you, add it to your resume if it’s in your field or related to the kind of work you’re looking for.

2. Build Out and Contact Your Network

Reach out to previous employers and see if any of them are hiring workers again. If you left a good impression on a past boss or co-worker, talking to them may help you find more opportunities. Also see if there are additional job opportunities that your friends or family know about. They can be great sources for information. By letting other workers know you’re looking, and keeping an eye out for referrals, your chances of finding the job your looking for will be on the rise.

3. Identify Areas To Upskill and Develop

Think carefully about the types of work you want to do and look at ways you can position yourself to get them. Consider online classes — many of which are free or only cost a few dollars — and look into specialized training that can help you become a more attractive applicant for the job you really want. If your dream job has specific requirements and you don’t quite meet them, it’s time to focus on new years resolutions that could help you get the skills you need. Whether you’re a gig worker or seeking full-time employment, there are always opportunities for adding to your skill set.

4. Vow To Always Be Searching

Finding the right job takes time and dedication. By leaving a good impression and looking for new opportunities, you can get more from your job search in the new year. Even if you’re a gig worker and relatively busy with work, gigs come and go. When you continue searching you’ll find new opportunities frequently and that can keep you from having too much downtime. Job seekers who want to grow and develop usually keep their eyes open for anything good that might come their way, and making time to search frequently can help you land great new opportunities for the future.

It’s important to set goals, but make sure they are realistic and achievable goals. Start off with these four areas, and focus on making 2021 your best year yet. Then you can build on that momentum all throughout the year, and let it carry you forward on a great career path you can really enjoy. With these new year resolutions, you can find success in 2021.

About the Author: Michelle Dakota Beck has worked as a professional freelance writer since the 1990s. During that time she has written everything from product descriptions to full-length books. Her areas of specialization include real estate, home services, legal topics, relationships, family life, and mental health issues. You can find her on WriterAccess.

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