App Synergy: Mint & Robinhood


We all have bills and responsibilities. We all have to make money. We have Jobble to help us find work and get paid—this we know. But anyone can make money. Managing it successfully is another thing. How many times have you stared at that checking account balance and wondered where all your hard work went? We’ve all been there. However, as the old advertisement goes, there’s an app for that. Mint and Robinhood are two apps that work synergistically with Jobble to help you make your money and keep it, too.



Mint is a popular budgeting app that links to your bank accounts and credit cards and helps you organize your spending. In addition to functioning as a “wallet” that can collate your net worth, Mint tracks your purchases and creates charts based on your spending habits. It also tracks your income, and gives you detailed statements at the end of every month that show you exactly where your money came from and where it went. Some free advice: keep a close eye on those shopping, entertainment, and food and alcohol budgets. 


Robinhood is a new stock trading application aimed at finance neophytes. Unlike bigger trading websites like Scottrade, Robinhood doesn’t charge a brokerage fee for any of its services. So it’s a good training grounds to experiment with investing in the stock market without risking too much. The app is easy to use—just put in money and make trades, and any money you make on sales is yours with no fee. It beats a savings account any day. If you’re scared to put your money into stocks, you’re probably exactly the type of person who should start investing. The market rewards the cautious and the well-prepared, not the gamblers. Do some research first—the better informed you are, the better investments you’ll make.

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