Jobble Launches Flexible Digital Banking Solution for Independent Workers


Historically, the gig economy and all of its workers have been on their own for benefits and flexible banking. Now, the independent workforce is growing even larger with workers of all ages, races and backgrounds. This means even more workers are becoming responsible for making the best decisions they can for themselves and their families.

Overall, it can be difficult for these workers to find banking that not only understands, but empowers them. Independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers and side hustlers have plenty of shared experiences. For example; irregular income, difficulty saving for taxes, and trouble finding organizations willing to support their hustle. indi® for Jobblers is a flexible banking solution created to address these needs, and more.

“The gig economy has proven to be essential to the U.S. economy. At Jobble, we are doing our part to ensure these workers are supported,” says Corey Bober, COO and Co-Founder of Jobble. “In continuing our mission of supporting the everyday hustle of all independent workers, Jobble is excited to offer a banking solution that meets the specific needs of gig workers, freelancers, side hustlers and independent contractors across the country.”

indi for Jobblers: The Flexible Digital Banking Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

We’re proud to you to introduce indi for Jobblers. indi for Jobblers is an FDIC-insured flexible banking solution supported by a partnership between Jobble, indi and Mastercard®, supported by PNC Bank.¹

This card is for independent workers; from the self-employed to gig workers to independent contractors to freelancers to side hustlers. If you’re over 18 years old and need a simple, convenient banking solution, this card is for you.

Apply Easily & Get Paid Faster

indi for Jobblers has a straightforward and fast application process. There’s no application fee and applying won’t impact your credit score. You could have an answer back in minutes after applying for this Mastercard debit card. Once you have an indi for Jobblers account, you don’t have to worry about monthly service fees, overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements either.

Link your indi for Jobblers account to your Jobble profile to paid faster². You won’t have to wait any additional processing days when Jobble sends you a payment. Instead, enjoy an easy direct deposit that gets your earnings in your hands, faster. And, with the indi mobile app, it’s never been easier to view your balance, categorize expenses and keep your busy life organized.

Enjoy Mastercard Benefits

indi for Jobblers helps you avoid common banking fees (like monthly maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements). Additionally, you can save money on your everyday activities too. An indi for Jobblers account enrolls you in the Mastercard Easy Savings® program. This means you’ll enjoy rebates and savings on qualified purchases at participating merchants.

With the Easy Savings program, you can receive rebates on everyday purchases:

  • 5% on vehicle maintenance nationwide and 1% on fuel at over 19,000 gas stations
  • 4% when you dine at over 20,000+ restaurants nationwide
  • 4% at over 5,000 hotels
  • 5% on car rentals
  • Up to 25% on the products and services that make doing business easier

In order to receive an automatic rebate, simply make an approved purchase with your indi for Jobblers debit card. That’s it! It’s automatic savings at thousands of locations without coupons or codes.

Make the Most of Tax Time

Independent workers can all benefit from a simplified tax time. Especially if you make payments on a quarterly schedule. It can be a headache to find funds when submitting a tax payment. Furthermore, it can be even harder to feel confident that you’re maximizing your tax deductions.

indi for Jobblers will help you feel better prepared for tax time. Most workers have their income taxes automatically withheld. However, 1099 recipients know that is a luxury they don’t receive. Because of this, indi for Jobblers provides you with a personalized Tax Savings Goal³ This is an estimated calculation of what you should save for your federal and state taxes.

You will get assistance identifying how much to save. Once you’ve identified your goal, you can save every time you receive a deposit to your account. In the indi app, you can designate your payments into “Okay to Spend” or Tax Savings categories. All of the money is still yours. But, Tax Savings helps you put aside funds you’ll need later. Then, if you need to access that money, you can dip into it. Then, indi will help your Tax Savings recover those funds by adjusting the percentage saved from future deposits.

Additionally, you’ll be able to categorize deductible expenses in real time. For example, you can capture receipts right in the app and categorize them as you go. This makes it easier when you’re filing taxes because you’ll have all of your categorized expenses, all in one place.

It’s Time to Enjoy Convenient, Flexible Mobile Banking

Are you ready to get paid faster? Apply for an indi for Jobblers account today! With no credit check and no application fee, you’re only minutes away from smart, flexible banking made for workers like you.

Introducing indi for Jobblers

¹ indi is a prepaid account. The indi prepaid debit card is issued by PNC Bank, National Association.  Your funds will be held at PNC Bank, National Association. They are eligible for FDIC insurance, subject to FDIC insurance coverage limits.

² Payments sent from Jobble to indi debit cards are processed immediately upon transfer from Jobble.

³ indi’s Tax Savings Goal feature is not a substitute for individual tax planning or for legal, financial, or tax advice. This feature is intended only as a tool to provide a basic sense of your potential tax savings needs. Because indi will not know everything about your finances or your personal situation, your Tax Savings Goal may be more or less than your actual tax liability. The Tax Savings Goal does not account for local taxes. Using funds designated as Tax Savings for other spending may leave too little money to pay your taxes.

indi is a registered mark of numo llc, a subsidiary of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank is a registered mark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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