How to Retain Rock Stars


Many businesses have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people. These days’ employees are very transient and love the idea of flexible work. It spices up their daily work routine, and allows them to explore many different industries rather than committing to just one job. Thankfully, a large number of businesses are making the switch to onboard temporary staffing to fulfill their immediate needs. The main question is, what happens when you land great talent and how do you retain that talent for future positions? There is no magical mixture to retain serial job hoppers. However, if you have found temporary help that you would like to hire again, take these tips into consideration engaging with them.
Understand their values.  Begin by talking with your most respected employees about their workplace values and find out what is most important to them. It becomes harder to build a positive relationship with your staff when their workplace values are unaligned. Conflicting values can offset the productivity, job satisfaction, and creative potential of your staff. Practice giving your employees authority, the tools, and the space to do their jobs.
Maintain company innovation. Integrate new tools, functions, or systems to keep your staff engaged. Understand your competition, beyond paying your staff, think about rewarding excellent performance. Offer small perks to those who perform with more responsibility. Introduce contests to engage and excite your staff about your brand.
Consistency. Although express staffing is temporary, employees look for consistent and reliable employers. This includes accurate job assignments, consistent pay schedules, and easy communication with upper management.
Communication is key. The tone of your voice, eye contact, hand gestures and body positioning matter. Communicating well and establishing trust go hand and hand. Beyond all, build a relationship with your temporary staff and treat them as you would a friend, get to know them on a personal level to build a lasting impression.
Describe your mission. Clearly explain what it is that you expect from the staff. A clear vision that is vocalized makes it easier for everyone to get the job done right and feel satisfied. Don’t be afraid to voice your expectations. Informing your staff about your expectations for the job makes it easier for them to get the job done correctly.
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