Three Ways to Incorporate Fitness and Health Into Your Next Event


[fusion_text]Some events just get your blood flowing more than others.

That means, as a planner, sometimes you have to step outside the box to create a truly memorable experience for your client. Incorporating fitness, health, wellness and adventure into an event can be a difficult proposition, but luckily we found three unique companies that provide exactly that. Whether you are looking to calm nerves with yoga or searching for something to get the adrenaline flowing, you’ll find it here.

Tough Mudder (

Think of it as the ultimate obstacle course you might have designed as a kid, only this one has beer at the end. Billed as a challenge rather than a race, Tough Mudder’s 10-12 mile military-style course is packed with grueling tests of strength, but teamwork, camaraderie and mental toughness are arguably even more important than physical prowess here. They don’t call it Mudder for nothing, either: expect to get down and dirty while riding a water slide through a five-foot wall of flames (“Fire In Your Hole”), crawling through mud to avoid the barbed wire hanging overhead (“Kiss of Mud”), playing “King of the Mountain” on a five-meter high stack of massive hay bales, or any of the other range of rope-climbing, wall-scaling obstacles on offer. As rough as it may seem, however, Tough Mudder is accessible to participants of all age and fitness levels, emphasizing a can-do attitude for all involved. They offer two distinct corporate packages for groups of 15+ and 50+, with options that include private team tents, catered lunch, private bathrooms and more. This July, the company also debuted Urban Mudder, a five-mile course and all-day festival on Randall’s Island in New York City.

Wellthily (

Wellthily has found an innovative way to infuse health and fitness into private events: instead of taking events into the gym, they are taking the gym into events. As an independent consulting firm partnering with hotels and individual clients, they are able to create unique experiences with highly qualified trainers and instructors at any location. In January, for example, Wellthily presented a series of events at the Refinery Hotel in Manhattan that included a rooftop spin class (in conjunction with Cyc Fitness) and a meditation session with Deepak Chopra. Their resume also features classes hosted at SXSW and a 90-minute boot camp on the Brooklyn Bridge, plus extensive yoga and juice cleanse options. If you can dream it up, they can likely make it happen.

Xplore Urban Racing Series (

Though this urban scavenger hunt isn’t a strictly fitness related event, there’s still plenty to get people moving as they traverse the city on foot to try and solve a range of puzzles and trivia games. Your thumbs will get a bit of an extra workout, as the race uses a real-time verification system linked to your smart phone to keep track of your progress. The event travels to different cities to hold events on designated dates, so check the website to see if they are coming soon to your location.



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