3 Things to Do Together on Valentine’s Day During a Pandemic


Even though it feels like the pandemic has been going on f o r e v e r, it hasn’t been a full year yet. This means that couples, both the newly dating and the lifelong partners, are facing their first pandemic Valentine’s Day. Your relationship has gone through a lot this year, whether you were quarantined together or apart. To make your love lives a little bit easier, we’ve put together three things you can do with your partner this Valentine’s Day. You can plan these date nights to replace or compliment a special Valentine’s Day gift too!

Have a Wine Tasting Date Night

You or your partner may be a few of the countless Americans that have decided to primarily live in sweats and comfy clothes while working from home. (And we don’t blame you when places like GAP keep putting out fashionably cozy clothes.) But, this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to have a nice dressed up night indoors. Grab your favorite date night outfit from your closet and go all out. We’re talking real shoes (not slippers), your best jewelry, make up, perfume or cologne–everything!

Visit your local liquor store or grocery to find a few bottles of wine to set up a mini wine tasting at your own home. Or, save yourself the trip and order from Winc for a selection of wines sure to please. Add a delicious cheese board with a selection of cheese, crackers and jam and a little mood music, and you have a perfectly cozy and elegant date night at home. We challenge you to unplug for date night too–we’ve all been so attached to our screens or busy at work during the pandemic that some one-on-one face time might be just what your relationship needs to feel refreshed.

Recreate a Favorite Past Valentine’s Day Dinner Date

Dining out hasn’t been the same for the past year. While that means you get to avoid the pressure of setting a reservation on one of the most popular dine-out days of the year, it also means you won’t be getting your regular table at your favorite restaurant for a romantic night out.

So, this year, surprise your partner and bring your favorite meals home. You could be enjoying a chef-designed, delicious meal from the comfort of your own with a menu that looks like any of your favorite restaurants.

Here are some example meals from Freshly:

– Steak Peppercorn
– Citrus-Kissed Orange Chicken
– Apple-Cherry Pork Chop

And some vegetarian and calorie-conscious meals from HomeChef:

– Marsala Fig Pork Chop
– Pizza Bianca
– Cuban Avocado Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

Just because you can’t eat out doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. You can cook for your partner or tackle the kitchen together and make the cooking part of the date. Either way, make sure you don’t forget the dessert (like a classic heart-shaped box of chocolates from Russell Stover).

Snuggle Up for a Cozy Night In

Just like how you can bring your favorite restaurant experience home, you can also plan a classic movie night in with your partner. This isn’t an excuse to keep binging a Netflix series only one of you likes–treat this like a real date. Consider your movie choices and pick one you’ll both enjoy. You could even pick a theme and plan a back-to-back double feature.

Once you’ve settled on your movie, set yourselves up for a comfortable and cozy night. Maybe you’re going to watch from your couch or maybe you can snuggle up together in bed. Either way, leave the phones out of the picture. Before you press play, double check to make sure you have your favorite movie snacks on hand. If you forgot, or are running low, you can get your snacks delivered like a concession stand on wheels. Order a pint of ice cream, bag of popcorn, box of M&Ms or a soda right to your door. Now that you have your partner, movie and treats, all that’s left is dimming the lights and pressing play!

Planning on going out for Valentine’s Day?

If you’ve had enough cozy nights in and are looking for a safe, out-of-the-house evening, make sure you have a plan for your kids! Make sure you and your love can have some quality time without worries or distractions. Consider using a virtual babysitter from Sittercity so you can go out and enjoy your evening knowing that your kids are safe and cared for.

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