2015 Trends: Face-to-Face Marketing


In a digital world focused on conversion optimize, everything automation, and more data – sometimes it’s hard to see your customers and prospects as more than just numbers. With all the wonderfully powerful tools available to marketers behind the desk, it’s easy to overlook the power of getting up and executing face-to-face marketing.
Word-of-mouth; it’s the most powerful force in business growth. However as powerful as recommendations or validations from a friend or colleague may be, it seems more often than not, marketers today rely solely on the tools behind the desk to cultivate it.

Marketers need to think beyond digital if they want to drive meaningful interaction with their target audience

Face-to-face initiatives create personal connections between people and brands, which in turn becomes a memorable experience. These experiences deeply influence a person’s perception of a brand or service.
Positive face-to-face experiences are the driver of long lasting customer relationships. The best way to create those experiences? It starts with asking a few questions:

 + Do we have an experiential marketing strategy?

 + When testing new offerings is experiential or “face-to-face” part of your campaign?

 + How can we get face-to-face with of our target audience?

 + What do we currently do to run events?

 + How much budget are we allocating to experiential/event marketing?

If you can answer these questions without blinking you’re ready to start thinking about more executions. If you have trouble getting a handle on them it’s time to have a meeting to explore your experiential marketing efforts.
The greenfield here is that as people become more entrenched in everything digital, marketers have an opportunity to break through the noise. By leveraging face-to-face marketing to deliver positive experiences you can cultivate memories that lead to long lasting customer relationships.
I’m excited about the prospect of more businesses creating meaningful marketing experiences; I hope you are too. Remember, in a digital world, a smile goes a long way.
What do you think about this trend? I’d like to hear from you. Leave a comment below or tap me on the shoulder @MatthewElijahO

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